Day10- Ready for school ! 

MsAn had her first school transition day today. She was so excited about it last night that she couldn’t fall asleep . 

SP dropped her off at the school and I picked her up after. The transition teacher said, she is so chatty and that MsAn asked her how old she was. I said I was surprised she didn’t ask her if she was married and how many kids she had.

MsAn found a friend in the same room and also has a few friends starting school with her next year. So it will be fun . Although I am a little worried about how she will react to the new environment . Every year when   they changed rokms at the childcare, she cried and cried for the  first few weeks .  I am hoping next year will be different . 

For now I leave you with a pic of  my precious second-born, all set to conquer her little world 


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