Day 7 – Buddies,Hayfever etc.

So, it turns out my finger might be either sprained or fractured. The Dr doesn’t think the swelling is consistent with fracture, so has immobilized my hurt finger for the next 2 days. I go back on Wednesday for a review. So I am sporting a boring band-aid on my two fingers that are ‘buddied’ up together.

Speaking of ‘Buddies’, MsA’s school pairs up Prep Students with Grade4 students as buddies. And every thursday, they have the Buddy session, when the Preppies get to spend time with their Grade 4 Buddies. MsA was so excited about her buddy – she planned a few fun activities to do with her and drew her a card . When MsA was in Prep, her buddy used to give her a fun task each week and a sticker or a special drawing at the end of each session.

MsAn’s teachers have also introduced ‘Partners’ in their Kinder Room. Everyday, the kids have to pick a different friend to be partners with. And all through the day, they do everything together – playing, selecting free-time activities, waiting at the table for their partner to finish food. I absolutely love the concept.

Now, on to hay fever – today Hayfever was at its peak in Melbourne – the pollen levels had reached ‘extremes’.At lunch time, I got an alert from MsA’s school that more than 20 students were sent home and many more were presented to the sick bay with severe hayfever symptoms. I was sitting inside a closed office and my eyes were burning. I am popping the anti-histamines, as are so many other Melburnians. Have a look at this article , if you don’t believe me.

More later, right now, the bed beckons 🙂




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