Day 8 – Stilettos and broad feet

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Sometimes all you need to start a conversation is a willing person , who is equally eager to talk. Like the saleswoman at a local Clothes Store, I went to today. 

I spotted a pair of well worn Black stilletos in the trial room and asked the saleswoman  casually if they were hers. She replied yes and went on to tell me how sore her feet were. She then showed me how one of her feet had a bigger bone. I, in turn told her how I had flat feet and it ran in the family.

We continued chatting for a while , at the cash counter – about hayfever ,US elections, kids. SP gently nudged me that it was time to go. 

Next, we went to the childcare to pickup MsAn and I spotted a mum tipping sand out of her child’s shoes.We smiled at each other ,she rolled her eyes, I shrugged and told her – “You are  doing the wrong thing..If you tip all the sand out, how will you make the sandpit in the backyard and we both started laughing .Another mum walking past, joined in . Funny thing is none of us know each other , but hey!us mums needs to stick together 😃😃
As we were leaving , SP commented that it’s not a surprise our girls are such chatterboxes.

Anyway, tell me , do you ever strike a conversation with a stranger or would you rather not? Would you indulge someone like me or politely excuse yourself ? 

Looking forward to hearing from you ,




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