Day 6 : Lazy Sunday

We finally had a lazy Sunday, after what seems like forever. SP dropped MsA for her class while I slept in. One of the advantages of having Pizza for dinner is leftover pizza for breakfast. MsA loves eating leftover pizza for breakfast and so, I didn’t need to wake up. She woke me up when it was time to go. I am so grateful, that she let me sleep-in. I do feel a little guilty, but I needed the rest after the last couple of days.

SP came back and went right back to bed.MsAn woke up at some stage and snuggled up with me and her soft toy and kept talking.I woke up in time to pick up MsA. MsA and I got some grocery shopping done and came home with coffee from our favorite coffee shop. For breakkie, I served myself the Diwali treats that my dad sent.

After brekkie and coffee, I started decluttering. I am happy to say, I got rid of 2 more bags of unused and outgrown clothes. I used to be a hoarder, still am to an extent and so it is sort of liberating to be able to get rid of things, without a second thought. I still have heaps to sort through, but I will get there bit by bit.

In the evening, we went out to the shops, to get organised for the birthday parties, next weekend. No! I don’t want to wrap gifts in the car again. After shopping, we went to the park to shoot some hoops and practice dribbling. I may have broken/ done some damage to one of my fingers, while playing with MsAn. The finger is still throbbing with pain, but I can bend it, although with great difficulty. MsA loves playing basketball and can do it for hours together. MsAn, on the other hand was  very cranky today. She is normally a very happy child, so something must be majorly wrong. I hope she isn’t coming down with something. This is how she spent most of her time at the  park, today.

Speaking of coming down with something, I have a bad case of hay fever..Love spring, hate hayfever 😦

More later,




5 thoughts on “Day 6 : Lazy Sunday

  1. Oops take care, Trish! Hope you get well soon.

    Thats such a cute snap of the lil one! You seem to have had a fun Sunday too alongside being lazy 😉


  2. 🙂 ok here is a tip and please dont laugh I have a remedy for hayfever.. and it has worked on me TOUCH WOOD last two year NO hayfever or very little.. I suffered a LOT ..

    Honey.. yes buy honey made from the Pollen of YOUR place yes.. not made in china or uk or whatever BUt local made honey .. add one spoonful to everything ur tea coffee or just warm water and have it .. it works

    well it worked for me now i can go out on a sunny hot afternoon and sit in a garden without eyes watering , sneezing, nose running etc etc etc 🙂

    Lovely Pic 🙂


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