Day 5 – Why I missed posting on Day5

This qualifies as a post, yes? Yes?

Ok, so here’s what happened : There was a call out at work for Overtime, doing & learning something new. I had been wanting to do this for a while, but somehow the time/ day didn’t work out. Finally the stars were aligned and I was able to work on Friday. In anticipation of the long day, I had already scheduled my post for Day4. I came home at 8:30pm on Friday night. SP had got a takeaway dinner for me – I inhaled it and jumped into bed.

The next morning, we had to go for a birthday party. But, we didn’t have a present. So,  we woke up, got ready and went to the shops, to get a present – selected the present in record time, but couldn’t find a bag big enough. The party was at 11:00am and it was already 10:50am. So, I had to use plan B – ducked into a shop and bought a roll of wrapping paper and sticky-tape. Thankfully MsA had a pair of scissors in her bag ( Don’t ask me why!!) She is always prepared for writing and crafting . LOL! So, I quickly wrapped the present in the boot, standing in the car park. MsA rolled her eyes and said,”seriously..who wraps presents in the car boot!” I asked her, if she had a better plan and that shut her up, promptly.

Anyway, present sorted, we arrived at the party and I got to do my favorite thing ever – helping the hostess decorate 🙂 It was a fun party – I spent most of my time, chatting with a friend. MsA had her basketball game, so SP took her for that while MsAn and I stayed back. SP & MsA got back in time for cake cutting and dessert. Our hosts needed help carting the presents from the venue to their home, so we offered to help and ended up staying longer for more chit-chat over cups of masala chai.

By the time,we got back home, it was late and I had a splitting headache. Pizzas were ordered and duly consumed before I found my way to bed.

And that is why,my lovely friends, I missed out on posting yesterday 🙂

Now, to think of something to post today…


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