Day 2 – Today

NaBloPoMo November 2016

Day 2 – Here I am.

Its been a weird kind of day – the kind that made me want to not talk about it . Actually, that’s not right. Its been the kind of day, that made me not want to talk at all.

Yeah, its been weird. Its my short day at work. I work around Ms.An’s kinder on Wednesdays – so I can drop and pick her up. Today started as usual with me rushing MsAn to hurry up for Kinder, ended up being 5 mins late for kinder and in turn 5 mins late for work. Somehow, my day at work was good – I don’t even know why but when I walked out of the office building, it was with a smile on my face and unexplained happiness.

Oh! It could have something to do with a colleague commenting that I had lost weight or it could be the general camaraderie in the office, as it’s a short week. Then,SP and I went out for a coffee, before he went to get the girls and I went to see my old trusted Parlour lady – It’s almost shorts season here 🙂 When I came home, after my pampering session, MsAn welcomed me with cuddles and cute talks.

And then, everything went downhill. I don’t know if it was the sight of the remains of all the treats my dad had lovingly sent – Every year my dad sends us a care package with all the home-made Diwali snacks. This year’s parcel came half-damaged, most of the food was turned into crumbs.Totally broke my heart. Or it could have been the fact that we were looking for some forms to send back to school and the fact that I couldn’t find them. I need to de-clutter and de-clutter and then some. Just looking at all the stuff we have, overwhelms me and not finding the time to tend to it, makes me anxious.

It could also have been MsA’s persistent whining. She can be a model child, when she wants to. To her credit, she is a great kid, but then, she is at the age, where, everything is a big deal. I keep telling her, ‘ Don’t sweat the small things’ and try to be patient, but some days, it just pushes the wrong buttons. Today’s argument back-chat was about why I wouldn’t let her go to school with her hair, loose.She has long,thick hair – that’s why! After going back and forth,over and over again, I lost it. I mean, completely lost it and screamed and sent her to bed angry.

It could also have been the prospect of eating another salad for lunch tomorrow, in an attempt to lose weight. Although, to be perfectly honestly, I actually enjoy my Tuna salad on most days.  I still don’t know, what made me so miserable. Why is it that when you are naturally cheerful, sunshiny ( is that even a word?) person, some days just suck your sunshine out?

I didn’t want to write something glum on the second day, but I couldn’t help myself. I am more of an instinctive writer and specially on days like today, fail miserably to ignore my moods. Whoever said writing is therapy, was absolutely correct – I am feeling a little bit better, than I was, when I first started writing this post. On that cheery note, I will stop and say good night!

See you tomorrow 🙂




17 thoughts on “Day 2 – Today

  1. I hope you have a nice day tomorrow!! You almost echoed some of my thoughts … my daughter is 8 and I almost on every other morning seem to have a talk about why she can’t go to school with open hair …. and having to eat salad for weight loss… oh my I better not start on that one ….


  2. I totally know what you mean. As you can see from my blog today, I had a crappy day too. And was writing more of a hmmmmmph post when thankfully before I published it things become better. The first draft was all ranty and upset


  3. Same here. My 9 year old daughter has long hair and wants to go to school leaving her hair. Winter is here and hair if left open by evening hair will be a big mess. Sleep well you will have lovely day tomorrow.


  4. Eating Salads, to lose weight ? No. Don’t deprive yourself.
    The best way to lose weight is “Don’t eat anything after 6 in the evening.”.
    Have a good snack at 5 ish and then after 6 till bedtime, avoid looking at food, just keep drinking water or barley water or lemon and honey water. Or have a glass of freshly made juice.


    1. Hi Cattie, “Don’t eat anything after 6 in the evening” is hard 😦 I do drink plenty of water and get in bed by 9, so I am away from food etc.
      I did post a pic of my not-so-boring salad today – tell me what you think !

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  5. As Bik said..you got to get it out of your system! That’s what matters. Hope you’r feeling better. I totally get the screaming at your girl part. Some days…sigh! Hugs Trish..


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