Day 3 -My not-so-boring salad

Yes, you read that right! I crib when I eat salad for lunch 3 days in a row, but, to be honest, I actually enjoy this salad.

I love how beautiful it looks šŸ™‚ See for yourself


Yup! That’s my lunch box .

My salad has a generous serve of salad greens – lettuce, rocket,spinach leaves ; red capsicum ; tomato(depending on my mood); cucumber; red onions, avocado( if I have any handy); fresh green coriander and 100 gm Tuna in chili oilĀ . Love love love it! And so I crib and complain, but I love this salad.

My other favorite salad is the coleslaw..I don’t have a photo, sadly, because mostly its my on the go, quick meal. I mix a cup or two of finely shredded coleslaw with ranch dressing, a bit of salt and pepper and my yummy salad is ready šŸ™‚

What are your current favorite salad recipes? Do share šŸ™‚

More later,




3 thoughts on “Day 3 -My not-so-boring salad

  1. I too love salads. Once or twice a week I eat salad and just lettuce everyday with my lunch. I like quinoa salad with extra raisins in it. I love coleslaw too but I avoid it because of mayonnaise in it. Now I will take your idea of using salad dressing.


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