November NaBloPoMo Day 1

A few days back, I saw a friend’s update on Facebook. It was the lovely Swaram – asking if anyone was game enough to join her  for a month of blogging. I commented,’ I am tempted, but don’t want to fail again’.
Swaru said, ‘ The only way to fail is to not start at all.’

And so…here I am – trying my hand at non-stop blogging for a month, yet again!

So, I thought long and hard, about what writing style I wanted to follow this time – I could pick a theme and follow it through – umm..what theme?? OR I could follow the prompts ( I am sure Google would come handy if I put my mind to it ) OR I could just do what I normally do – unleash the verbal onslaught – as it comes to my mind, and spills on to my screen, unplanned, unedited. I think that suits me the best.

As I am getting older, I am realising, that my self-censor button is always ON. I have lost count of the number of times, that I edit my thoughts, before speaking or don’t say them at all. Sometimes, it’s out of politeness and at other times, just because I can’t be bothered and then, there are times, when the sarcasm is lost to the audience. So, about time that I unleash the verbal onslaught somewhere, and where better, if not here.

After much procastinating all day today, I decided to get cooking out-of-the-way, put on a movie and start typing. After the gluttonous weekend we have had, in the name of Diwali, I chose something simple tonight – My mum’s tomato soup and plain cheese pizza. The soup simmering away, I put the movie on – PINK –  in case you are interested and I was ready to type my ramblings away – only I got distracted – Facebook – need I say more?  The movie was playing, only I hadn’t watched it. So, I started it again, and browsed Facebook again, while the titles rolled and the next thing I know, the movie was back to where I had stopped – yes, I got distracted again. Started the movie again, ignored the computer, started watching the movie and then, started the post. God! I am losing my touch – I used to be the multi-tasking queen.

Anyway, the movie is now paused and I am typing away. By way of conversation, how was your weekend?  We were fortunate enough to get a long weekend this year for Diwali and Halloween – Ms.A’s school had curriculum day and Tuesday was a public holiday. So, we spent most of our time relaxing, enjoying the festivities and bonding over little rituals. SP put up the lights, Ms A and MsAn helped me prepared sweets and savouries, then helped decorate the house. We were chatting, while cooking and I said,’ You know what’s the best part about Diwali?’ and without skipping a beat, MsAn said,’ That we are working as a family.’ That moment there, totally kicked my festive spirits, a whole new notch up!

I leave you with a photo of my favourite moment, as I mentioned above 🙂 and another of my girls dressed up in their finest Indian outfits

If you are game enough join in the fun by writing or leaving a comment on the participating blogs – the complete list can be found here.

See you tomorrow..






4 thoughts on “November NaBloPoMo Day 1

  1. You participating toooooo … Excellent 🙂 and thanks for forcing me tooooooooooo he he he 🙂

    hope you get to finish the movie……. and thank god I am not on FB… else i would not be able to do anything 🙂


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