Halfway through..

… I’m talking about my vacation. The girls and I are in India, on a well deserved holiday .. 2 weeks finished, another 2 to go before we head home. 

This time we are traveling a bit, catching up with a lot of people, that have been an important part of my life and in general, chilling out. I mean, literally chilling out… I have no agenda whatsoever- I do have a broad outline of plans but nothing fixed. My motto is- it’s not the end of the world.. It doesn’t matter 😃

Yup! I am all zen.. Or so I like to think 😊  The girls have been really good too… Other than occasional back-talk, they have been as good as gold. That helps me stay zen too. That and just being in touch with all the people that matter! 

In the last two weeks, I have met and spent time with three of my closest friends. All three are such phenomenal women that inspire me to no end , in their own unique ways. More than anything else, they are people that I can share my darkest thoughts with and not worry about being judged. I’ve reconnected with another dear friend and that makes me happy.  All in all, it’s been a good break so far! Here, see for yourself: 


More vacation updates soon…




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