Boy!She can talk!

Ms. An is the newest chatterbox in the house. Everyone, that we met in India, commented on how the shy little girl from last year, wouldn’t stop talking, this time around. I am still amazed at how much she has to say, and to think just 6 months back, I was worried, about whether she would ever talk anything other than baby talk.
She has an opinion on everything and is not scared to share it. She is quick to share her excitement and disappointment.
When my BFF’s mum gave her a roti, smeared with freshly made ghee, she called out to me and said, ‘Mumma, come here and see this ghee..its the most amazing ghee in the world.’
When I scolded Ms.A and she started crying, she said to my sister, “Tuku, your sister made my sister cry. She is a rude mumma. I am not happy with her.”
She told her Dadu-Dadi that their ‘ son has the same Gods in his house’ and that their house is her Daddy’s house and that Nanu’s house is her Mummy’s house.
She told her Nanu,after reaching Melbourne,”Nanu, I am happy now, I am with my mummy and my daddy now.”
She,doesn’t know what shy means, she couldn’t care any less about the langauage barrier, she kept talking to people, whether they understood what she was saying or not, whether she fully understood what they were saying or not. She just kept chattering away 🙂
She makes up songs on the go, adding the name of the person/kid we are with..For example- “Rain rain go away, BabyS wants to play”  ” Cheeky little J, jumping on the bed”
And what prompted me to write this post, was what I heard today. We were walking up to MsA’s class, for school pickup and MsAn kept pointing at things, ” Look Mummy,he is taller than her; My friend H’s mummy is bigger(taller) than you; Friend K is tinier than me.. I was amazed, I didn’t even realise when she got so smart and learned to compare and use comparative words and in the correct manner, not just random words thrown together.
And my favourite line of all times is, ” Mumma, if you get angry/ don’t do/give this, I will never be your chotula( little one)” , said with the cutest little pout and arms crossed on her chest!  And just one look at that pouting little person is enough to turn me in to a puddle of mush.
My little chatterbox, started kindergarten this week. I am still in denial..I refuse to accept the fact that my munchkin is not a baby or even a toddler anymore.Her new found love is Chota Bheem, from our recent India trip.So, she wore her favourite Chota Bheem T-shirt and took along the Chota Bheem book, to kinder. I leave you with a picture of my precious…





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