Wow!! That went really fast!!
I can’t believe it that 2015 is ending. To be honest, I am happy to see  her go..it has been a crazy year, with lots of ups and downs. To be honest, the year literally zoomed by.
The girls turned 8 and 4, I got a second job and SP is halfway through his MBA. We made many new friends,along the way – some became an important part of our life, some came into ours to help us get through a particular phase. But,regardless of the amount of  time they stayed in our lives, they taught us that nothing is permanent and to enjoy every moment of life, as it comes at you. So,that’s exactly what we plan to do the new year.

I don’t remember setting any resolutions, in 2015, so, I can safely say that there were no unfinished resolutions 😀
As for 2016, the top two resolutions on my list, which by the way is still work-in -progress are :
1) To confidently say No, when I don’t want to say Yes.
2) To make myself a priority!

I think if I can stick to these two resolutions, anything else that I decide to achieve in the year, will follow automatically. Isn’t it?

I leave you with wishes for the new year and a promise to blog more regularly:
Here’s hoping 2016 brings the best of everything you ask for;
Here’s wishing 2016 is everything you want it to be and more;
Here’s wishing that you always have more than you need and here’s hoping you find it in yourself to give away what you don’t need..
Here’s wishing you all the love, happiness, smiles and sunshine to last you a lifetime and all the strength to deal with anything unpleasant that life throws your way.. Happy New Year!!

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