I’m with myshelf..

We spent a quiet day at home today.. the girls and I. A quiet day in our house calls for staying in our pajamas, eating when we get hungry,even if it means eating at three different times and lots of arts, crafts and games. Oh and some reading too.
We worked on a My Little Pony puzzle together and between all the no-reason giggles, Ms.An commented,” This is the BEST day, ever” and MsA looked at her, tousled her hair fondly and said,”Yes, it is “.
Puzzle completed, and we decided to settle down for some reading. MsA in her room, me in mine and MsAn next to me on my bed. A little while later, MsAn was nowhere to be seen. Feeling too lazy, I yelled out, ” Nanya, are you with Didi?” and she yelled back..” No, I am with myshelf and my toys and we are having so much fun”
She makes me smile with her chatter and her witty responses..I can’t believe she is almost four!
Last night at bed-time, I was trying to finish a chapter for my new unit. MsAn was next to me, watching a video on her iPad . SP told her ,” That’s enough, its time for bed ” and she threw her hands up in the air and said, ” I knoww , daddy!! Justtt look at mumma…she is still using her laptop! Mumma, its time for bed, you have to switch it off..Band Karo( parroting hubby’s words-‘switch it off’ in Hindi)

I love quiet, lazy days like today, just what we need every now and again. The last week has been very busy. I got a taste of what life would be when I start working 5 days a week, which will be soon, fingers crossed. I will share more once, I have more details.

For now, I am going to enjoy the last few days of the school holidays. I love having MsA at home. She’s been a sport and hasn’t complained about having to wake up every day and going to work with me. And after finishing work, I over-indulge her , to overcome my guilt- lunch of her choice, window shopping, sometimes real shopping, a thing or two, movies at home, late nights, and the works. But, isn’t that  the joy of school holidays?

More later,


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