One pretty thing

I am slowly doing up the house.When I say slowly, I mean really S-L-O-W-L-Y 😃 

Anyway, I saw this set at the InLaws home and I had to have it, so I nagged them to get one for me and they did , when they came over after we moved into the new house. 

I racked my brain, about how to display it, since we don’t have a showcase or sideboard yet. I didn’t want it on the floor, because they wouldn’t survive MsAn’s love and affection. And then, I found this 

A cup of ginger tea, some red paint and ta da…we have a new home for my beloved set .. I can’t stop looking at it 😊

I love the streaked effect- I have to confess, when I first started , the streaks upset the OCD crafter in me, but after the paint dried, I thought it added character to it, so I resisted the urge to do another coat to even it out . 

Now, I am looking for something to display this little set, any ideas? 😊




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