Still here??

Hellooo lovely people,
Anybody still here?? You know, reading/stalking/reading?? I had vowed to keep posting regularly and then the new job happened. Yes, I have a second job now, but this one is on-call, filling in for regulars, so the last few weeks have been super-busy.Today is my first official day off in a long time, because I am sick and in bed, perfect time to write this post, I say!

And amidst this hubbub, my secondborn turned 4! Its been almost a month since Ms.An turned 4- I have her birthday post in the drafts, hopefully, I’ll finish it soon. There’s so much I have to say about her,so many little things that make her uniquely ‘her’ and so many little things that make me smile and thank the lord for making her mine.

As for other things, the weight-loss is going well.. I say well, because even though its slow, its steady. Others can see changes and more importantly, I can see changes. I will share a comparison pic soon.
The house is getting set, slowly, one corner at a time. I’ve managed to tackle the big beast, otherwise known as the kitchen Pantry! I love walking into the pantry now and finding what I want, without having to look through a hundred plastic bags or 50 assorted boxes. A friend is revamping her backyard for her new puppy and was getting rid of these and now they have a new home in my backyard 🙂11875372_1484998121815337_1248053578_n

And while I am sharing pics, now is a good chance to share some of Ms.An’s birthday too 🙂
Aviary Photo_130844428848760639

Aviary Photo_130844429380230055It’s taken me a whole day to write this post.. but, hey! its progress..I am going to hit publish before I get distracted now 🙂




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