A lunch date

Being sick has its advantages. I woke up wheezing , early yesterday morning. SP woke up with me, got my nebuliser sorted, etc. Unfortunately, it was too late for me to call for a backup at work and considering I work for only a couple of hours on a Tuesday morning, I decided to go in to work. But, SP decided to work from home, dropped me at work, the girls at school n daycare , then came back to pick me up, after I finished work and took me to the doctors. Love him for just days like these, when he understands what I need without me having to say it out loud.

As we were leaving the pharmacy, I asked quietly, ‘what about lunch? ‘   And so, I got my much awaited lunch date!We’ve been trying to have a kid free date for the longest time… But it had to happen like this! When I was feeling crappy, had the worst headache in history and the shakes from the nebuliser.. Lol! But! I got my lunch date. It was nice to just talk, not rush through a meal like it was a marathon, not go to the toilet in the middle of a meal !!! The girls have to go check out the toilets in a restaurant .. No matter where we go ! LOL! And they always have to go in the middle of eating…puts me off eating, then.

Anyway, the lunch date ended way too soon, because the headache got worse and SP got a work call..but those few stolen moments will keep us going until the next one 😊 

I leave you with a selfie with my best beloved, taken a few days back, coincidentally I had a headache that day too( winters, sinus- enough said!)

More later, 




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