Because I have a sister…


 I love looking at my girls, when they are being nice to each other. I love it how they look out for each other, when we are out. I love it how their eyes seek each other out, no matter how crowded the place might be.
We were invited for a party at a play-center,last weekend and the girls played so nicely with each other. They spent a lot of time in the big kids play area. SP took MsAn to the little kids play area for a while and MsA sat down with a frown on her face, waiting for her to finish playing there, so they could play together. They both found it hard to understand why we were the only ones sticking to the rule of ” No kids over 5 years”, when there were other older kids playing rough in that area. SP and I told them why and sent them off to the big kids play area again.
But as the party started to wind down and the center was getting quieter, Ms.An went in the soft play area again and she needed help, climbing up on the giant teddy bear and getting into the spinning chair and MsA put her hand up and said, ” Sit back, Mumma..I can help her,” and she did and that’s when I took this picture of them. All afternoon, I kept trying to take a good photo of them together, but had no luck. This one is blurry, it captures all that made me happy that afternoon- them, playing together.
On our way back, they were so tired, but we could hear them talking and reminiscing over the events of the afternoon. And MsA said to MsAn,”You are my best friend” and MsAn replied,” And you are my best friend”..totally melted my heart.

It also reminded me of the time just after MsAn was born. I think she must have been a week old. We left a sleeping MsAn at home with my aunt and just ducked into the shops to pick up some baby essentials, coz Ms.An had decided to come earlier than planned and obviously, the weekend that we were supposed to go shopping, I spent giving birth to her 😀  Anyway, I digress..So, we ran into an acquaintance of SP’s at the shops and they were talking to MsA, asking her about her kinder(Gosh!! I can’t believe it..its almost time for MsAn to start kinder!) and if she had any friends there, etc. And MsA, all of 4 years old, had replied very clearly, ” No, I don’t have any friends there yet, but it doesn’t matter, because I have a sister now and she is my best friend.” Oh my God, I still remember the tears prickling at my eyes and a lump forming in my throat..4 years later and I still have the same reaction, when I think of that day and when I watch them with each other. And of course, there are moments, when the bickering doesn’t stop and all I want to do is just tear my hair off and scream like a mad banshee..actually, I do scream, but it doesn’t seem to bother them.  Anyway.. this post is about happy moments and I will leave it at that 🙂

More later,


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