First overnight camp Day 10


MsA is away for her first school camp..first overnight school camp. Its the first time, she’s away from home and from both of us. The last and the only time, I was away from her, was when MsAn was born and that was hard! But, most of the time, I was drugged or in labour, so time passed quickly. But this time, I am at home and its weird, not hearing her constant chatter. MsAn is alternating between being excited about being the only child at home, amusing us with her cuteness and extra cuddles and being sad, missing her sister.

Its also SP’s birthday today and its the first time in 8 years that MsA is not with us. She made us promise that we will go out on Sunday night to celebrate 😀
We did go out for dinner tonight and MsAn loved all the attention that we showered on her. Oh! And she insisted its her birthday and we indulged 🙂
More later,


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