Day 9 – Random talks

I was busy, yesterday – so doing a makeup post tonight.
I spent the morning at work, then gym and then had to get MsA organised for camp. She requested for a beanie to match her jumper, and I started making it. But MsAn woke up with a nightmare and I fell asleep trying to settle her, so couldn’t finish the beanie šŸ˜¦
I worked out with a new friend yesterday. She pushed me and I am sore today. The worst part about doing a lower body workout is, climbing stairs the next day! I am not kidding! My legs are so sore, they hurt, even if MsAn touches them!
A long walk is what I need to stretch those muscles. May be tomorrow. But!! First thing on the cards is a long sleep-in – I am going to make the most of no-school drop off!
Time to go spend time with the birthday boy now šŸ™‚
More later,


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