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Lazy morning Musings-Day 11

These two pictures pretty much sum up what I am upto right now-sitting cross-legged on the floor, sipping my ginger-tea, chomping on toast and jam and trying to write this post. Speaking of tea, I take my tea very seriously- it has to be the right colour- not too dark, not too white, just the right brown. It has to be boiled enough for all the flavours of ginger to be extracted, if you can’t taste the ginger, then what’s the point of adding it. If I am making a dip-dip tea, with tea-bags, then I have to use two tea-bags and just a dash of milk..just a dash, to lighten the dark to brown. Yes! I am tea-snob! There I said it.
So here I am sipping my perfect tea, and eating toast with Jam- I am not a sweet-breakfast person, but today was one of the rare days, when I just had to eat jam- just a touch of sweetness with my tea.
I’m back- I got distracted..with FB- what else? Yes, yes I am addicted! I tried to stay off FB for a couple of weeks, but came back on in less than a week. I love the interactions, even if virtual, I like that I can share my thoughts, and that there will be at least one person, that will say,” OMG! I know what you mean!”
SP left for his course today and MsA is still at her camp. MsAn and I are still in our pajamas and have slipped back in bed. Its 11:00 am and still so cold. The sun is out, but still very chilly outside and the bed was very very inviting.
I have planned a day of decluttering, today, if only I can be motivated enough to actually do it!
MsAn wants to play Superheroes with me now, so, I will stop this post here.
More later,


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