And the weekend is over..Day 8

Its a long weekend here in Melbourne- for the Queen’s birthday. For us, this long weekend has been one of gluttony. I have been on a diet for the longest time, but in the last 6 months, I have watched what I eat, very closely. However, I let it go this weekend.
Saturday started with work, as usual. I came home and SP and I have decided to do a DIY on our landscaping, so we got started on that after lunch. We have 7 cubic meters of soil in our front yard. Our first task is to move it all to the backyard. Its back-breaking work. We plodded along, slowly and steadily, filling tubs of soil, putting them in a wheelbarrow and taking it to the backyard. By the end of the day, we had made little progress and a small dent in the mountain of soil. But we were exhausted and ended up ordering biryani for dinner.. OMG! Spicy hyderabadi biryani with Mirchi ka Salan and mint raita..OMG! It was like a match made in heaven. Obviously, we ate till we were ready to burst.
Sunday morning, we woke up ready to tackle the mountain, but the weather had turned and what was meant to be a sunny day, was now a cold, windy day. That’s just the perfect trigger for an asthma attack. SP asked me to stay in and he did a few trips with the wheelbarrow, until, it was time to pick up Ms.A from her class and he stopped. We decided to turn it into a shopping day, as Ms.A is going away on a camp, this week. More gluttony followed at the mall, in the form of kebabs, donuts, coffee and juice. We came home, got changed and went out again, this time to SP’s friend’s place for dinner. Yup! You guessed it..more food! The girls were tired after the long day and fell asleep in the car, on the way home. SP and I decided to celebrate with a movie and watched Dil Dhadakane Do. I had heard(read) mixed reviews about the movie, but so didn’t know what to expect from it. Overall, I think it was a good watch. However, I think the actors were under-utilitised and the since there were so many characters, there were so many ends left untied at the end. I think, I enjoyed it more, because, I was watching it with SP.. 😀
Monday started with a much deserved sleep-in. We got out of bed, only around 10-ish..and then lazed around some more. I had booked the girls in for make-up swimming lessons, so that SP could watch them. They were both waiting to show off their swimming to daddy. It was so cute, when we got to the Swim school, Ms.An announced to everyone in sight, ” I’ve got my dad today” and then later, ” I have got my mummy and I have got my daddy.” They both did so well and I loved watching SP’s face, as he watched them swim.
The girls were famished, by the time we got home and we ate Dosa and chutney for lunch. Nothing makes me happier, that when the girls enjoy the same food that we do and when I have cooked it for them. We spent the rest of the day, doing pretty much nothing. Oh, actually, that’s not right. I packed Ms.A’s bag. My princess is going away on a 3 day camp- her first overnight camp. She keeps alternating between “I am so excited” and “But I will miss you guys”.
And now, I will stop typing, because there is a tray of home-made nachos that has my name on it!
I told you, it is weekend of gluttony!
More soon,


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