Letter to an eight year old !


Dear Ms.A,
Belated Happy Birthday 🙂 You are an eight year old now,a big rinsponsible( that’s how you say responsible) girl and I am still so in love with you. 8 years back, you came into our lives, almost unexpectedly.We had gone to the hospital for a routine check up and they said I had to stay there,till you came out. Well,it was one month and few days till the due date so,your silly mumma, lay there in that hospital bed, wondering what she would do for the next five weeks. Your dad was busy watching a match and mentally planning what to order at the restaurant after we finished.But you had other plans and a couple of hours later,we were holding you in our arms.And you fit into our crazy life, so well.

I know you love hearing this story over and over again and so I love telling it to you over and over again. I love it how you still want to be my baby,yet so independent. And speaking of independence,what is the deal with no hugs at school drop-offs? I am sorry, sweetheart, you have a crazy mother and you have to live with it.So yeah..you can’t get away with the hugs..nope!not for at least another 10 years. Sibling rivalry is at its peak between Ms.An and you, but as soon as one of you starts crying, the other drops her stance and rushes to hug her.I hope this love keeps growing by the day.

A,you amaze me with your maturity. I was worried about you moving to a new school this year, but you took it in your stride.You consoled your friends and me that changing schools doesn’t change friendships. And you know what? You were right 🙂 Its so much fun hanging out with you-we laugh at the same things,its like living with a mini-me. Yes,you are a mini-me-if we were the same age,we would pass for twins. BUT you are your dad’s attitude mini-me! Actually you are more like him- you both like the same things,you both are equally head-strong and butt heads so often and you both expect me to take your side and then I see you both,discussing things that I have no clue about- a certain app or finding ways to crack a level in a game and its like no-one else exists in your world, not me ,not your sister,just you both.You are the one that’s more upset when he goes away, even if she is the one that claims him as her own.

For your birthday, we gave you a One-Direction CD and a boom-box and you spent most of your day listening to the songs,in your room. Then the day after you had A&A over for a sleepover and it was like having three of you in the house! You oscillate between being the most considerate daughter, sister, friend to not caring about anything in the world, other than yourself. You go from loving me to asking me, ” Why are you so mean? ” in a span of 10 minutes and when I ask you..” What is wrong with you? ” Your response is, ” I can’t control it, mumma ” I guess this is what being a tween is all about. We’ll have to learn the ropes of this new phase together, baby girl.

We may argue, Papa or I might scold you, you might be a brat and we might be tempted to give you away( I SAID, “TEMPTED!! Haven’t given you away yet, have we? “) but we still love you. We will ALWAYS love you.
Keep shining and keep smiling, my Pop star ! When your teacher asked your class what each one of you wants to be, when they grow up, you said, A Pop star! So, keep singing, my little heart and keep believing in magic and the unicorns and super-heroes, because remember when you believe, magic happens. Love you so much, my gorgeous girl!!

xoxoxoxo Mumma


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