Because I am happy

Good morning World,

This is one of those because-I-am-happy posts..you know sometimes when you are feeling happy and just have to blog about it-yes this is one of those posts. Besides, I share my angst with you guys, its only fair that you are a party to my happiness 🙂
We had  a good Easter here at  the 15Marbles house.The Easter bunny left LOTS and believe me when I say LOTS I mean lots and lots of chocolate for the two resident brats.

Ms.A, thinks its her job to wake me,when I am fast asleep,to just share random information like, “Mumma, I am going to the toilet, is that OK with you?” “Mumma,I am wondering what will happen next in (Whatever Tween show she is into at the moment!)- you probably get the gist of it, now. But as I was saying, Ms.A, HAS to wake me up, when I am fast asleep..specially after she discovers her birthday pile, Christmas pile etc. but this time,she didn’t. She went around quietly,on her own to find all the eggs,chocolates the Easter Bunny had left. I heard foot steps and waited for excited squeals and shouts of “Mumma,come and check this out!!” Nothing..so I had to get out of bed and by then she had collected all the chocolate and made a huge pile in the middle of the living room floor. She said,she wanted to let me sleep-in, because ” YOu lurvvvee sleep-ins, mumma”. Anyway,after the hugs were done, I asked her to leave the eggs around the house,for Ms.An to find! And she did a good job of it,my beautiful girl! GOSH! She is growing up too fast and I don’t like it!

Then, we woke up Ms.An excitedly, to show her what the Easter bunny had left and OMG!! all hell broke loose!! You see, she couldn’t care less about the chocolates, all she wanted was for Santa to show up and leave her some  presents..THREE Presents. We tried explaining that it’s not Santa’s turn to come this time..but it didn’t work. She sat on the floor and cried,” Whyy, Whyy , Whyyyy?” It was hilarious! We promised her Santa will arrive the next day,if she went to bed early. She put up 5 fingers, and asked,”Will he bring 3 presents?” I counted the fingers,along with her and they were 5! She looked at her hand and then said, “OK I want 5 presents, then!” Anyway,Santa had to pay a visit yesterday night and he left her a present that was forgotten in the cupboard,at Christmas! The look on her face, this morning, when she saw the present…oh wow!! Things like that make this mothering parenting gig all worth it! She whispered softly,” WOW! He really came!” Awww  love my baby girl,love her sense of wonder!

It’s a 4 day weekend here and SP and I have led a student’s life – staying in our PJs all days, burning the midnight oil, studying and sleeping-in. During the day, we took turns entertaining the kids, so the other could study. Actually, no that’s not right. SP spent more time with the girls, than I did. I had an assignment due on Monday and so, my work took priority. And I thanked him by cribbing about feeding the kids, junk food, but seriously if it wasn’t for SP and the junk food, I don’t think I would’ve finished the assignment.

The weekend is almost over and I am already getting withdrawal symptoms. Last few days have been so good, we slept-in pretty much every day, the girls would join us in our bed for morning cuddles & giggles, fight over who got which parent..it was bliss. And then I got thinking, do I really WANT a third baby? Hell yeah! They are so deliciously cuddly and snuggly but they grow up! But, but, but,if there is a third, how will they split us, evenly, between them for morning cuddles? Ms.An has promised to be my baby forever..so when I want to smell that baby smell,I will just cuddle up with BabyN,my neighbour’s 6 month old and hopefully, by the time he’s all grown up, someone else I know will have a new baby and I will get my baby fix 😀
Have a good rest of the week 🙂

xoxo T


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