8 years of blogging and all that :)

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So,just like that,in a blink of an eye,I completed 8 years of blogging.When I first started my blog,I was looking for a way to document  memories and feelings,as I was at a completely new place,where I didn’t have any friends, my husband was working long hours and basically the only life I had was my virtual life.I was on the brink of motherhood and all the lovely moms I met through the blog became my close circle. I could relate to them,picture their lives and kids.It was suddenly like I had friends everywhere. I immensely enjoyed blogging,documenting every little thing that Ms.A did,writing about random things  that annoyed or amused me.
Blogging took a back seat after Ms.An was born and I started working part-time.Sometimes, it was due to lack of time and on others due to lack of energy or brain-space. I swear, if I lost my post-baby weight as easily as I lost my pre-baby brains, it would be a win-win 😀
It was a good run all along..I have made heaps of friends, learned lots of things that I wouldn’t otherwise and I am happy that I started.I am trying get back to regular blogging, but sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes, laziness does. But, as I write this anniversary post, I just want to thank you all for reading, commenting or even just liking my posts. Your words and appreciation mean a lot to me.
As always,I will end this post with a link to my very first post:
My Very First Post
Much Love,


2 thoughts on “8 years of blogging and all that :)

  1. Excelllent .. COngrats and happy anniversary …

    and yes do keeep writinggggggggggg 🙂 8 years WOWOWWOWOW ….


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