The birthday that was…

Wow!I can’t believe February is almost over.
So in the last few days,I have turned a year older 🙂 I was going to write a Happy Birthday post to myself but was too busy having fun 😀
Ms.An and I ,went out for coffee after dropping Ms.A .She loves going to the coffee shop with mumma,loves ordering a babycino. Her joy was even doubled when she saw my friend N and her baby M.
11009851_771845576197340_2878127998940099453_nThis is what a coffee date with two kids looks like 😀
After the coffee date with N,we went to my friend R’s house,where I got spoiled even more. My friend S had come over with the most delish Macadamia pie and surprised me with this
10389697_771846026197295_4894239139384775760_nI L.O.V.E plants and had been eyeing this one for the longest time and showed a picture to S,a couple of days before my birthday and she got this for me.
And then there was the wine and long stemmed roses and a watch from S. Another friend,J,walked into my work with my favourite Mocha and a potted plant.. I love it how I am thinking plants and gardens right now and my friends are so in tune with my thoughts.
Two days after my birthday,we were going somewhere and I just put my hair up in a bun,very casually and a sudden realisation hit me that I am not worried about my looks anymore. I’d be lying if I said I am not vain anymore.I am..but I am just much more comfortable in my skin.I think I am finally growing up and turning into one of those women I admired 🙂
I am still struggling with weight,but am consciously doing something to lose it.I have accepted it that all those years of neglect cannot be undone in one day..so,I am just working on  chipping away slowly… a few 100gms every week,a few cms every week..every little bit helps.
In the week before my birthday,I got in touch with my school friends.I was in touch with some of them on facebook,you know in the random ‘like’ or comment on the photo kind of way,but this is a whatsapp group and its everyday chit-chat..morning to night and it is so much fun.I feel like a teenager again.  And SP has a younger, chirpier wife .
Alright,I’ll stop here and hit the sack..more  soon.


One thought on “The birthday that was…

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy …

    and hey hey hey where is my share.. you want me to go to gym and exercise and all that but when it comes to food you not sharing .. that is not right 🙂 is it


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