Swimming lessons

I am trying something new- instead of flooding my Facebook timeline with random updates,I am just going to blog about it.
So today I am blogging from the deck,while I watch Ms.An’s swimming lesson. I am so proud of her for taking to the water like a fish. She fell into the water,on the first day while waiting for turn at the island. The instructor got to her in 10 secs and she came up with a big grin saying Mummy she saved my life..and then she was back to being the monkey that she is .
But, as I sit here watching her, I am missing my time with her in the pool. It could also be because of the mum& bub that’s running at the other end of the pool.
The class is nearly finished and I am going to hit publish before she comes out šŸ˜Š


5 thoughts on “Swimming lessons

    1. hahaha I wish I could..but she is 3 now and old enough to get in the water herself,for lessons.
      Speaking of exercise,did you go to the gym? We need to connect FB so we can keep a tab of the gym-sessions. I am going again tomorrow,so better plan to fit a workout in your day šŸ˜›


      1. Yes mam.. I did not go to gym but but but this week and next week we have our yearly personal safety training.. so been doing that ..

        FB well not allowed to be there because of the heightened security to severe. . No person info..

        Next week have the bleep test..which determines if I am fit for another year ..so running each day for few miles….

        Will go back to gym from 23rd


  1. Oh šŸ˜¦ no FB.. ok no worries.. And I am going to nag you after the 23rd for the gym! Now that I have promised to call you Veerji..I have to do my part as the sister šŸ˜›
    Oh! And good luck for the Bleep test!


  2. Hmm, are they able to follow the instructions at this age? I feel my Daughter is still young for that and maybe next year.. We do hit the pool together with her in floaters! You should do it too šŸ™‚


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