First day of Grade 3.

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First day of Grade 3.

Hooray! The school holidays are over and Ms.A is back at school.This year is a bit special,because she has moved to a new school.First day of Grade 3 and first day at the new school.I was a bit nervous and asked family for prayers,but she was all excited.She was out of bed at 6:30 am and getting cross at me for not waking up. Well,it was a little hard,specially since I had trouble falling asleep.
Morning started a bit rough-Ms.An woke up sick,but drop-off went off alright. The first day of school is special in our family and we all went to drop Ms.A to her class.As soon as Ms.An realised that her sister wasn’t coming back,all hell broke loose and SP had to take her outside and calm her down.
It was going to be my first kid-free day,when I wasn’t working and I was so excited,but I couldn’t possibly send Ms.An to daycare when she was sick,so we turned the kid-free day into Mum-daughter day- spent a leisurely morning at the café and now watching Frozen. Its so much fun watching the movie with a 3 year old.She notices things that I might not notice otherwise,laughs at things that look normal to me,like I said its fun.
All these days,I was tired of answering Ms.A’s constant questions,but to be honest,I am missing my little chatterbox today.I leave you with a pic of my babies that are growing up too soon 🙂


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