I Heart Cooking

First off,a warm welcome and a huge thank you to all the followers. I am feeling the love 🙂
Australia Day weekend is over and the school holidays finish in 2 days too and as much as I love my kids, I will love them more,when I am not sorting their differences or balancing 2 play-dates in a day and organising countless meals and snacks through out the day, while yelling at them to tone it down.
We have made a conscious decision to eat home-cooked meals-both for health and budget reasons. Eating out is expensive..healthy eating outside is even more expensive and not as fulfilling So,I am cooking more and finding smarter and frugal ways to stretch the dollar.To be honest,I love frugal living…but that calls for another post,this one is about why I love cooking.

In the last year that I started working 3 days a week,our meals have been just sub-standard ..as per my standards. I was still cooking ,but I know I was just doing the motions,my heart wasn’t in it.I had one goal and that was to put food on the table. Quickly put together meals replaced the well thought out ones and a lot of times, those were also replaced by takeaways.

But,something has changed in the last couple of weeks..I don’t know if its my new kitchen or its the mounting expenses that come with building a house..but I have started cooking more.And I have started enjoying the cooking too.I am carefully planning the menu and enjoying creating the perfect combinations.
I love the rhythm of the knife on the chopping board and the tinkle of my steel spoons.The  step-by-step addition of ingredients reminds me of my chemistry lab and I am filled with a new  excitement to see how/what the end product will be. I find the whole process from start to finish,whether I am following a new recipe or just throwing one thing after the other into the pot,just so calming,so rewarding.Every step brings me closer to my zen state and I love the high that lasts for a good while,even after.
Today I made phulka from scratch,after the longest time and the girls gobbled them up without a fuss and SP dug into his meal with the happiest look on his face.Happy dinner time ,happy me 🙂


One thought on “I Heart Cooking

  1. you HEART cooking… heyyyyyyyyyy i HEART EATINGGGGGGGGGgg so bring it on..

    cooking is something that shud be done from heart because it shows and tastes in the food otherwise it is like going through the motions .. 🙂

    so new kitchen new home yayyyyy excellent SO when you inviting me then for all that foood you going to cook 🙂


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