Yayy!My birthday month is here and I am excited! Can you tell? Can you tell?
Ms.A’s first day at school was really good and exciting. She was one of the two students picked to be the line monitor-she was excited about being picked and more excited because one of her classmates picked her. She is so serious about doing this job well.
My first day back at work was fun too. Its always lovely to go back after a break. I am well rested and as my regulars walked in, it was like a mini-reunion 🙂
Although I loved the holidays and the lazy days-that I had to fill up to entertain the brats, I am loving the routine even more.
This year, my plan is to be better organised with our meals, with our finances and with our life in general. My phone is full of reminders, but at least everything is in one place and I don’t double-book activities/events and then do the balancing act. The other thing that I am doing actively is, taking a back seat. I am learning to say ‘No’, instead of stretching myself too thin.
Speaking of thin, I still haven’t gone to the gym. Bik has made me responsible for his workouts too..Sorry Bik..hopefully next week will be better. B.U.T. I am eating healthy,so that’s a start.

I need a favour from you lovely readers.If you know of anyone that has worked on their own backyard and turned it into an oasis (of sorts) please point me in their direction.We have a fairly good sized backyard and at the moment its just dirt and weeds and all I want to do is turn it into my zen space.All advice will be greatly appreciated.

Hope you are having a good weekend..more soon.


One thought on “Yay!February!

  1. Well I am going to start when you start 🙂 so the pressure is all on you hurryyyyyyyyyyyy

    and hey creating that zen is going to be a good exercise , when you come from work just spend an hour a day on it, start by cleaning it and then make a plan what you want it to look like .. and start from one side slowly adding stuff .. and soon it will be lovely ..

    Take care and all the best


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