Pearls of Wisdom

You know how some days you just can’t be bothered doing anything and just want to settle down on the couch and do nothing? Well its one of those days for me today. Ms.An woke up at 7:45- that’s early for my holiday schedule.And she refused to snuggle up with me.All she wanted to do was wake up her sister! So,I did the one thing that would give me some peace and quiet,first thing in the morning- Switched the telly ON for her and let her eat her favourite snack for breakfast-A chocolate coated rice-cracker. As I said,I am too tired to fight the usual battles today. School holidays are tiring for us,mummies!
Here’s a pic of my rice cracker-loving gangsta-taken at 8 am this morning!
She loves her hat! Its like her security blanket! She hates it if I tie her hair.As soon as I tie her hair,she either pulls the rubber-band off or puts the hat on! Notice the Band-Aid? Well,this morning I got a grammar lesson from the little Miss.

MsAn- “Mummy,I got hurt!Put some Band-Aid on.
Me – OK I’ll get a Band-Aid.

Ms.An- No I want two.

Me- why do you want two Band-Aid?

Ms.An- Its two Band-Aids- Not Band-Aid!
Atleast now I know,she is listening when I automatically correct her. She is such a chatterbox and is soon going to beat her sister in ‘who-can-talk-the-most’ competition. Even her carers at the childcare have noticed,how much she is talking these days and how clear her speech and vocabulary is.At one point I remember talking to them about how worried I was that she wasn’t talking much or following instructions.

Ms.A also surprised me with this little nugget of knowledge yesterday-
Ms.A- Mum I have come to realise that Our brain is like a person and the body is like a dog.
Me- erm..how?
Ms.A – So your brain gives the order and the body follows.
Me-*jaw-on-the-floor* How do you know this?
Ms.A- Well,I did my own experiment- I said(thought) in my head,I want my leg to move.I didn’t do anything and it moved…on its own!
I am  pretty sure,I was quite clueless at her age. Now,I am going to hit publish before the lazy-bones me takes over 😀


One thought on “Pearls of Wisdom

  1. he he he he I loved the comparison between a brain and body .. WOWOW that mind is surly going milesssssssssssss….

    and yayyyyyyyyyyyy to the experiment she is a genius .. God bless the little one ..

    PS:- I am here 🙂


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