I did it!

Remember the mission,I wrote about in my last post? Well I did it. I signed up at the local gym. The last time I was member at a gym was when Ms.A was 2 yo. And I let most of my membership go to a waste.I couldn’t justify(to myself) spending money on child-minding,on top of the membership fees. I am not a morning person and by the time SP came home from work,I was too tired to workout.I know,I know!! I see them as excuses too,now..but what’s done is done.So the next time,I decided to get fit,I did it without the gym. Ms.An was a baby and it was easier to put her in a pram and walk,walk,walk! I exercised in front of the TV when she took her naps.I counted every single calorie that went into my mouth and lost 30 kilos.And then, life and excuses took over and I slipped back into my old ways and the weight crept up again.
I got back on the track late last year and lost some weight but with the move,holidays,and visitors,it was easy to just fall off the wagon.
Anyway,to keep on top of it,I signed up for the gym..my plan is to workout atleast 3 days a week to start with- I have even decided the days,instead of leaving it open,as I always do.
I have started counting calories again..and hopefully,this time,I will beat the weight,for good.
Why am I telling you this,you may wonder..Simply because putting it out there,makes me accountable.So,I had to write and seal my commitment.
Have a good weekend everyone 🙂


3 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. Oh no .. i did not need to read this post .. I have been paying my gym for the last two years hardly gone.. I think i shud stop the membership …

    I ma getting fatter and fatter

    SO did you go to Gym since 16th been 5 days .. Which days did you go .. what did you do .. COME ON chop chop .. tell us now


    1. No, Bik! Dont stop, lets do this together! Now that i have called you Veerji, lets help each other get fit!!!
      Nope, havent gone yet…school holidays are ON.. My brain is fried 😜😜


      1. ok done deal.. but i beleive in eating what the heart desires , I cant give up on food 😦 sadly that is what lets me down ..

        so when WE starting gym I am going to start the DAY you start.. time difference shows that if u go in the morning , then by the time uk morning comes I will know so i will go ..

        SO if i dont go its ALL your fault 🙂 yayyyyyyyyy


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