The week that was..

I must write“,I tell myself. I must write,before the blogger’s block sets in again.I must write,its been a week since my last post. Blogging in your head doesn’t count..Put it in words,so you can read it later and smile- this is the internal dialogue that runs on repeat in my head,as soon as I sit in front of the laptop.
Our modem stopped working last Friday and when we did get a spanking new replacement,I was busy testing a pattern for a crochet designer. Both the girls have their own pair of fingerless mittens now and I want one too! More about that in my next post.
Other than that,we have met friends,every single day! Oh! the joys of summer holidays. Playdates galore.The girls are exhausted,as am I..but the week is nearly over. I have a mission to accomplish tomorrow..fingers crossed,I can do it.. you will hear about it here,one way or the other.
More soon..


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