All is well again :)

This morning started out nice..Ms.An came to our bed and snuggled up 🙂 Ohh!I miss those snuggles. She loves having her own room,since we moved to this house.I remember having a hard time moving Ms.A out of our bed. I remember setting up her room,getting her all hyped about it only for her to come right back to our room 🙂
With Ms.An,it has been a breeze,so much so that I didn’t even realise it ,until the other night,when she said to me,”Mummy,I tired” and I started walking towards my bedroom and she tugged at my hand and said..”No my noom” awww my little heart loves her little noom room.
Anyway,as I was saying,she came to our bed and snuggled up..and I woke up smiling 🙂 And there were more hugs and all the excitement to go to kool(school) and everything went downhill from there. She wanted to wear her Spiderman Pjs to childcare today and I said no. We I compromised that she could wear her pajama t-shirt but would have to change the shorts to pants but all hell broke loose. She cried and screamed and finally SP managed to calm her down and brought her downstairs.Then,the next battle started-the hair combing one! She screamed and cried her eyes out again! Finally that was done,more cuddles and kisses later,she was ready to get in the car.
Drop off went smoothly,although she was a bit disappointed to not see her favourite carer Ms.M in the room. But she loves going there now and has formed bonds with all the lovely ladies there,so she did wave good bye happily.
Ms.A went along to drop her and chatted non-stop on our way back,till I had to tell her to stop, and not talk till I didn’t finish my coffee.
10:30 am- I took the first sip of my coffee and aaaah! bliss..just like that,all is well again 🙂
I feel human and can face the world..but..hang on! I hear Ms.A nagging in the background..hmmm..its going to be a L.O.N.G. day!!!


2 thoughts on “All is well again :)

  1. 🙂 Sounds like my day. Early morning negotiations with the little girls! Talk about it. I’ve been through all… The hairstyle, the shoes, the bag.. Phew!


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