Ms.An · Name

What’s with the name ?

“What’s with the name? Why 15 Marbles?”
That’s a question, a lot of you have asked me over the last few days. Let me assure you, its not the number of marbles I have lost,but it is something that I picked from our new real home. So it spells permanence, stability and happiness for me.. Hence the name 🙂
I will do a virtual home tour here,soon 🙂
Although I have to confess,I am in love with the name 15 Marbles and have been stalking my own page 😛
While we are on the topic of names, Ms.An has a new name for herself and for us, every few days. A couple of months back,we were the characters from Scooby-Doo Mystery inc .She was Shaggy, Ms.A was Scooby,SP was Fred and I was Daphne.
When we went to India,she was Batman,Ms.A was Spiderman,SP was Super-hero and I was..wait  for this..”Butler”,Batman’s Butler.
For the last few weeks,she has been G-one from the movie Ra.One. And so everytime,someone someone calls out to her,her first response is “I am NOT Ms.An! I am G-one,Super Hero!
We take turns annoying her by telling her that her name is Ms.An and she screams back “I am G-one!” Funny as it sounds,it is annoying at times-I mean she has a beautiful name,why can’t she love it as much as we do 😀 I know its a phase and she will outgrow it,so,I had to write about it,because I realised that I didn’t get around to recording so many fun things about us as I did with Ms.A..and as time goes,I forget 😦
I leave you with a pic of my superhero wearing her favourite Spiderman t-shirt,pretending to her homework,because her big sister was working on her maths homework.


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