Hello from Our New Home

Happy New Year 🙂
Hope 2015 is good to you and brings you loads of happiness. As for me,I have found my happy place and a new virtual home,a permanent one( Fingers crossed!) But the fact that I have already purchased the domain,makes me feel this one is for keeps 🙂 Read my blogging story here and please stop by at my new home-
Hope to see you there

15 Marbles

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year!
2015 is the year of change 🙂 We are in a new home,a home of that’s our own and for the first time in so many years,I feel settled and grounded.And so its only fair that our virtual home,gets a permanent address too-one that’s not based on my mood of the day,one that I don’t change on a whim,as I have in the past.Over the past 8 years(!!!),I have changed so many blog names,I have lost count of them,just to list a few-
The very first one was- My Sunshine,started in Feb 2007,just before Ms.A was born.She will be 8 in March and that’s how long my blogging stint is 🙂
Then,I tried anon blogging as the GypsyMumma- We were making a big international move,my life was turning upside down and it showed on my virtual life.
As my life took more crazy turns,my need…

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