A post a Day

Last night,both the girls wanted their daddy to tuck them in and so I had free time!!! I wanted to sing and dance and jump around..yayyyyyyyyy FREEDOM!! It has been sooo long since that happened. So,I used my free time( how good does that sound!) to read the old posts on the blog and I stumbled upon May 2012..when I was doing a blogpost everyday and it was so nice to read that..I went to bed,feeling happy.
So I have decided to give it another shot.. just random ramblings..nothing fancy,but just tidbits that I can read later and smile at šŸ™‚ Today,after dropping Ms A to school,MsAn and I nicked into the shops to grab a present for Father’s day. Aadi’s school has a Father’s Day stall and she bought presents for SD from there.For the last two years,the pressies are from both her and Anan,but this year,she wants it to be just from her-her being,that Anan is 3 now,she is not a baby and can pick her own presents.So,anyway,we went to the shops and picked up a little present šŸ™‚ And then decided to window shop and I ended up buying a dress. When I tried it on,Ms.An said,”You look cute,Mum” LOL!! Yup! I am a sucker!I bought the dress..it is pretty cute too.Ā 
The other exciting bit about today is Didi taught Ms.An how to use the TV remote. So far..I had control of the remote.When she wanted to watch TV,she would bring it to me and ask me to turn it on and I would say no or yes,depending on how much screen time she had already had that day.And obviously didi felt bad for her poor,TV-deprived sister and had to take matter in her hands and rectify the situation! So now,my ickle baby can turn on the TV herself!! She doesn’t need mumma šŸ˜¦Ā 
That being said,I have to stop this post now,because its nap time and ‘Nanya wants to feep Mummy’Ā 
Have a great day šŸ™‚



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