One day at a time..

..is my mantra these days. That is the only way,I can keep up with life and not get overwhelmed. Making plans based on how the day is going,instead of pre-planning in advance. When I make plans in advance,I either forget about them..OR I forget about the plans made and end up making other plans on the same day 😦 

Like today for instance..I had plans to catch up with two girlfriends and their toddlers and I invited another gf over for lunch.. asked a fourth if she wanted to come over and taste some new dishes that I want to try cooking!!! I knowww sounds bizzare but its a true story!
And after the girls left,I asked a friend if she wants to go for a walk,while Ms.A attended drawing class..completely forgetting that I would have the cleaner over at that time..Seriously embarassing 😀 So I need a day planner/week planner..something that I can see all the time-May be a huge sign board with flashing lights or even a white board..thoughts?

The only thing that I pre-plan is the meals.I try to get meals sorted for the next day..either preps or half of the meals cooked or shopped.We have decided consciously to cut down on takeaways and so being prepared helps and it saves money!
Yesterday I spent $40  $37.39 and got stuff to make 3 dinners- 
1 bag of ravioli and a bag of garlic bread- for dinner last night.I had the fixings for sauce.
1.5kgs for chicken – Cooked 1 kg for dinner tonight (butter chicken mix also bought last night)
Marinated half kg chicken for a meal later in the week.
1 can of chickpeas to cook tomorrow night.Some salad fixings and snacks for the girls to munch on.
And to think a dinner or breakfast for 4 at McDonalds cost that much.. when we go to a drive-thru..Sitting there makes it more expensive. 
Besides this is good practice for MB12 weeks 🙂 Can you tell I am excited???Can you?Can you?? 😀

Hope you are having a good week..more soon..xx



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