Day 2-Life is good again…

I was having laptop issues,so going to post the last 3 days posts today 🙂

SD and I went out for lunch on Friday..:) The girls were at school/daycare.SD had taken a day off for Father’s day celebrations at School/daycare..so we used to time in between to go on a date 🙂
It’s amazing,what a difference,a little alone time can make to a couple’s life..specially a couple with young kids. Most of our time/day is spent in keeping on top of life …keeping the kids,fed/dressed/safe and balancing a 100 things. And since having kids,our couple time is very very limited..Our girls are shocking with their sleep.They take forever to fall asleep.Ms.A is better now.She goes to her room at 8:30 and stays in bed.Ms.An not so much.She keeps running in and out of her,one of us has to stay in bed with her and invariably we end up falling asleep or being so frustrated,talking to each other is at the bottom of our list.

So this was nice. We put our phones on the vibrate mode and put them face down on the table and just spent time talking..just like old times 🙂 We were both in a good mood,all day :)And ofcourse the good food helped too.





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