First Day of Spring 2014

First of September is first day of Spring in Australia. I L.O.V.E spring..She makes me happy..despite the hayfever!There is nothing I love more than to see new leaves appear on the bare branches. 
Its a new beginning..so many things to look forward to..I find my blues are at bay,when we move into the new season.

Today was far from perfect in terms of weather..it was dark and gloomy and rained all day..but it didn’t dampen my spirits..I know its more pschycological than real but still 😀
This month I am starting the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation again and I am excited. I had signed up for it 2 years back,when Ms.An was 6 mo and had managed to lose a fair bit of weight and also gained strength..that is my aim again this time. Every time I start a new plan/diet I vow to stick to it..but I let go again. Here’s hoping this time will be different. If I feel brave enough,I will share photos.. Let’s see 🙂
Gosh!! Can you believe it ..we are in the 9th month of the year?? This year sure has gone fast.I can’t wait to get to the end of the year..exciting changes await,more about those later. Here’s one of my favorite photos of spring,from a couple of years back 🙂
Spring's here!


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