Too Tired to think

Only the third day of blogging streak,and too tired to think/write. Its the school holidays here.Normally,I plan one big day out and one day in..but this time,co-incidentally,we’ve had to long days out-we all had fun,catching up with friends,but the kids are tired and I am tired.All I want to do is sleep and sleep more.Ms.An is the only one,who is catching up on all the sleep,but Ms.A refuses to nap.But she is at an age where she entertains herself,sits and sketches and otherwise,enjoys some quiet telly time,leaving me free to read or lay down or even just sit quietly,browsing the internet.
Ms.A is a chatterbox-she just DOESN’T stop talking.If a question can be answered in Yes or No,she replies with the whole analysis,why a choice is better and why the other would be wrong..its cute sometimes,but on other times,does my head in.And if you ask her,why does she talk so much,her answer is simple- “Because I am one of those people who like to talk”
Her teacher reckons,Ms.A can talk underwater,with a mouth full of marbles and to be frank,I have started believing her!
On that note,I will stop talking/writing and go to bed.


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