First train&bus ride.

Today Ms.An went on public transport for the very first time. I had planned to meet some local mums in the city and decided to take the train to the city. On paper,the plan looked perfect..it will be the easier option,compared to driving into the city- the kids will get to experience something different-The last time Ms.A went on the train was before Ms.An was born. So,it has been atleast 3 years since then.But as the day drew near,I started to get cold feet.I asked a friend,who travels by train,2-3 times a week,if she wanted to take her kids along as well and she said yes. So,we parked near her house and boarded the bus,from a stop,nearby.Ms.A has been on the bus,for school trips and loves bus-rides.But,I was worried about Ms.An-In case you haven’t guessed.. I am scared of and in awe of Ms.An.But she is a star :)She picked her seat quite seriously-tried a few spots before settling on one.Same for the train ride too.

On the way back,she was tired,from all the walking and playing and I bribed her with some jelly sweets. We got a window seat and she sat facing the window with her back resting against me and my hand across her chest.I could see her reflection in the window and it  was the most beautiful sight.Her eyes wide with wonder,taking in all the sights,her little body resting against mine- I wanted to stay like that forever,capture that moment,but I didn’t dare move,lest I ruin our peaceful cuddle. If  you have a child that’s full of beans,you relish and appreciate the quiet cuddles even more.
10475507_667854983263067_580472786_o waving to the Railway workers on the platform 🙂
When I tucked her in,I asked her what her favorite part of the day was and she said,”Pressing buttons”(at the traffic light and lifts)
Oh! the joys of being a kid and finding happiness in little things!


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