Trying to make a comeback :)

Again!! Despite my best intentions,another month has rolled by and I haven’t had chance to keep up with blogging.
I have minimised my facebook time,but I still end up blogging in my head most of the times.On other times,I am just too tired. Seriously,I doff my hat to the mums who work full-time 5 days a week.I work part-time,3 days a week and still fall behind in housework,in just about everything. Some days I am so tired that even keeping up with the kids chatter is a big deal.Cooking seems like a chore..Now,I L.O.V.E. cooking and when it seems like a chore,its not a good feeling.
So,I have come up with a strategy(LOL!! I think I have!)The plan is to stick to quick healthy/wholesome meals on the days that I work.Quick and wholesome being the keywords.And on my days-off,I can plan something more elaborate.So far we have done pizzas,sandwiches,pulav on work-nights and dal-rice-sabji/chicken n fried rice,dosa-chutney,paratha or something of that sort on the days that I don’t work. But those days,just fly by,so quickly thanks to my firecracker,Ms.An!!! So my trusty slowcooker has been dusted and is being put to good use now 🙂
This is what I cooked last night 🙂

 10587053_680335772014988_612810400_o 10587148_680340838681148_1151785785_o

Slow Cooked Cashew Chicken with Vegetable fried rice 🙂

I followed this recipe with a few tweaks. I didn’t have any Vinegar at hand and so omitted it. And I added chopped up celery,red& green Capsicum and onions. I forgot to add the red chili flakes and it was still perfect! 

The chicken was so soft and flavorful.This will be a regular in our house 🙂

Hopefully,I will be back again..n soon 





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