Separate Rooms..

Its a big step..for the girls and for us. I had moved the girls into one room.They slept there for a while and then my cousin and her family visited and stayed with us for a couple of weeks.We moved in with the girls,to accomodate the visitors.But,after they left,we were too lazy to move back into our own room. 

This long weekend,along with all other exciting things,we set up the girls’ rooms. Yes,separate rooms for them both. Just very functional at the moment..but atleast,its doing the job

That’s Aadya’s room :

And that’s Ananya’s :

The toys have been moved here,because according to Aadya,she is not a baby and doesn’t want any Ananya’s barging into her room to play with the toys!


I still need to add rugs and night lamps etc..but like I said,its functional.
Oh and Nanya still slept with me last night.. she I we are not ready to let go of each other..just yet 😀


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