Nanya got to have a real Babycino today..actually no two Babycinos.I have mentioned before how she is lactose-intolerant.When we first moved to Australia,I used to take Aadya to little cafes and we’d spend a nice hour or so there,drinking coffees and babycinos,coloring pictures,talking.When Ananya turned one,I wanted to the same things with her.But,cow’s milk and soy milk made her sick.So that didn’t work.Today,I went to a cafe,and I had her milk in the car.I asked them if they’d make a babycino for us,with her milk and they said, they served lactose-free milk. OMG!I was so excited.I ordered one for Ananya!The joy on her face,when she got her own drink in a paper cup-Oh!!Priceless!I had to order her another one,because I was as excited as she was 🙂

There’s my precious girl with her two babycinos and the headless boy cookie 🙂


9 thoughts on “Excited!!

  1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. .. so very good of the cafe..
    And god bless the little one.. Indeed priceless she and the two babycinos. .


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