Half-way through 2014

Last day of June,2014 and I am filled with new excitement..An excitement that I haven’t felt for over a year. Blogging does that to me..makes me happy inside and out ๐Ÿ™‚
Its winter holidays here and winter bugs are everywhere..Our own household has been fighting cold& flu for the last 2 weeks,if not longer.DH fell sick last week and is just getting better and now my own throat has started stinging.
But mums don’t get a sick day ๐Ÿ™‚ Isn’t it funny how when men get sick,they turn into little kids? DH got mad,threw a tantrum(YES!) and then when he started to feel better,his crankiness started to go away and he turned into a happy kidย  person again.
And sometimes kids turn into your teachers..like Ms.A this morning.She likes to eat only in a particular bowl.I was feeling lazy to wash it and told her,that the bowl is not washed and is in the dishwasher. She said to me,”You know what I do,when the bowls are not washed? I just pull them out of the dishwasher,use some soap and rinse them out..” ย umm.. Ok honey..I handwashed it for her. If it was an adult,they would have thought I was lazy or even got upset..but my 7 yo,just told me what to do in a matter-of-fact way..no judging..If only life was so simple ๐Ÿ™‚
While I am writing this post,how can I not write anything about Ms.An. She surprises me every day..I know,I say this everytime I talk about her,but really she does.Our vaccum broke down last week.So,I was managing with a broom..yes,good old fashioned sweeping after every meal and then,Ms.A decided to help me and the broom broke! So,today we went to the shops-S stayed in the car with the girls,and I ducked in to get the Vaccum cleaner. When I came back,Ms.An said to me,”Wow! Mumma,you got a new Vaccum” I was amazed that –

1)She strung the whole sentence,correctly.
2) She noticed that the big box that I was carrying had a Vaccum cleaner in it.
3) And that she said it all by herself ๐Ÿ˜›
Yes!I am in awe of her..This is a child,who spoke only what was required..if her work was done with just pointing at things,she preferred to use just her finger. I love hearing her speak.
When I get back from work on a Saturday,she is the most excited.She runs around me,asks me to pick her up and when I do,she just wants long cuddles and that’s mum& An time..no-one else is allowed to talk to me. Last Saturday,as we were sitting on the couch cuddling,she touched my face,with both her hands,pinched my cheeks and then looked into my eyes and said…”Mumma,I wuv your face”…and just like that I turned into a puddle of mush.
On that happy note,I’ll end this post and go snuggle up with my munchkin..Its a working day tomorrow..


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