Her Sister’s Keeper

That’s Ananya. She told me off for yelling at her sister and I blogged about it,here
The next day,I had a particularly difficult day with Aadya,talking back to me,just being rude and I lost it,completely.I went ballistic,yelling at her..telling her how she was hurting me with her behavior and how upset I was. She ran into her room angry and crying. Anan was playing with something,as soon as she saw Aadya running and crying,she dropped her toys and started crying too.SD and I tried to calm her,but she refused to let us console her.She just kept pushing us away and kept screaming.
By now,Aadi had come out of her room,to argue again.So,here we are arguing-Aadi&I,when I heard a growl and saw something blue from the corner of my eye.It was Ananya,she came charging at me,with her ball,tears streaming down her face,grunting with anger,”No Aadu shouting,you naughty mumma”..And then to Aadi,”Come on,Aadu” and they walked away hand-in-hand,to their room and sat there comforting each other.
I wasn’t wrong in telling-off Aadya,but in that moment,by her little gesture,Ananya made me feel like the worst mum on the face of this earth,but I also realised that I must be doing something right,for them to reach out for each other,for them to stand up for each other.
The number of times that Aadi says,”ugghhh I hate it when Nanya touches my things””or”Why does she copy me?” or “I wish I didn’t have a little sister”…B.U.T. she is the first one to rush to Nanya’s side,when she is crying or upset.Time-outs are pointless in our house,because the other sister always follows the naughty one,to the naughty corner!
That day SD and I looked at each other,the way only parents can,in awe of and proud of their kids.
We eavesdropped on them,while the girls were in their room and Nanya was rubbing Aadi’s back. saying,”No crying Aadu,all fine all fine” and Aadi was wiping Nanya’s tears,saying”Its Ok Nanya,I am not mad at you..didi is here with you” and there were some unprompted I-love-yous too..:)
As I sit here typing this,they are rough-housing on our makeshift bed in the lounge-room..fighting over the same toys and then giggling at something only they know.
And this is why,I wanted a SISTER for Aadya..:)


5 thoughts on “Her Sister’s Keeper

  1. Sister or brother, you need someone to reach out to, someone to comfort and someone to console. what parents need to watch out for is that they are still there for each other in spite of their differences and individuality


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    This still holds true.. MsA and I got into another argument a couple of days back, she ran to her room and slammed the door! MsAn followed her and came back downstairs all teary.I tried to comfort her and she brushed my hand away and asked me, ” Why are you being so rude to my sister? She is upset and crying and you are not even take-caring of her !!! I am not happy with you! ”
    P.S. I ā¤ļø how she slips into baby-words when she is upset.


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