This year,our household is going through many changes. I am starting work 3 times a work. It was totally unexpected and so most of the days between Christmas and New Year and the two weeks after that,I looking for a daycare center for my precious. After many disappointments, I finally found a daycare, close to home and they had the days I wanted as well. So, we put Nanya’s name down there and scheduled  orientations etc. First Orientation was last Tuesday,when I had to stay with her.She was so overwhelmed looking at all the kids and clung to me for dear life.
Two days later,they told me to drop her off at lunch time for an hour or so..That was also the day Aadi was starting school..my baby starting Grade 2! Needless to say,I was an emotional wreck the previous day and could barely sleep the whole night.So,we dropped Aadya at school and then dropped Ananya at the daycare and SD and I went out for a coffee.Our first kid-free date in a long long time..We went and picked up Ananya after an hour and she was a little upset.She hadn’t eaten anything,not had anything to drink..Gosh it broke my heart.
The next day was the real deal,but I think I had managed to rub off my anxiety to the girls.They both kept waking up in the middle of the night..Anyway,Friday morning was here,SD went to drop off Aadi while I got Nanya ready and then SD dropped us both,first Anan at the daycare,then me at work.I had a very busy morning and didn’t get around to calling the daycare to check on Nanya..in a way it was good,because they told us later,she cried a little after I left. When I went to pick her up,she saw me and burst into tears,cuddling me and crying in the crook of my neck,telling me,”Mumma Nanya crying,where Nanya mummy”…It broke my heart into a thousand pieces..We clung to each other for the rest of the day.She slept with me and cried for mummy through out the night.
Now, we have rinse and repeat the whole thing again on Tuesday …I know she’ll settle there, the center is really good, the educators(as they are called now) are really nice..just a matter of time for her to settle down:)
As for me,I am still coming to terms with leaving my baby with someone other than her parents ..And I am trying to be better organized with our meals..eating out once a week is fine,but eating out three times a week is a bit too much. So,I will be posting some new recipes,some gyaan on frugal living,in the days to come..as I get more organized.


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