Hello hello..

So much for wanting to write everyday ..:)
SD is at home and hogs my laptop..when he isn’t Aadi wants to draw pictures on paintbrush! She is really good at drawing those Powerpuff Girls and I don’t have the heart to say no!Image

See?I told you! How can I say no to such talent??
Anyway,with all this,I have very little screen time.
This week is a scorcher,here in Melbourne. We are used to an odd hot day or two,but almost always by night it rains and all is well again.But this week,the temperatures are in late 30s and 40s for all the 5 days and there will be some respite on Saturday,with a low 33deg..Fun!NOT!
Ideally,I shouldn’t be complaining,because I am not stepping out of the house. We stayed in all of Monday and Tuesday.Today,only SD has gone out to get some fruit and ice-cream,we are still at home,cooling off in the airconditioned lounge room,which is currently also our bedroom.We have only one aircon and its in the living room,so,bringing the mattresses was the only way to cope with the heat.
This Meme is doing the rounds on facebook and I can’t help but share it here..

I’ll stop here now and schedule some posts,now that I have the laptop in my control šŸ˜€


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