In an attempt to revive the blog,I have decided to do this month’s FMS Photo challenge..and I have joined up with an awesome group of bloggers,so hopefully,that will keep me accountable. I really need to blog more ..seriously,feels like an important part of my day is missing without my bloggy pals and bloggy interactions.

So,here’s FatMumSlim’s list for this month:

Today’s challenge is ‘B is for….’

B is for Babies…And mine are my life,as the regulars will know..:) They are the reason,I wake up day after day,they are the reason,I strive to make my each day,perfect..each today,better than each yesterday.They inspire me,they drive me nuts..they bring out the tigress in me..they are my strength,my will,my soul,my everything… and SD will agree with me,on every single point..
Funny story-SD and I had our first fight within hours of Aadi’s birth-Reason? I was trying to breast feed her and she was screaming her head off..and this baby wasn’t even a day old. And SD,stomped up to my bed,demanding what I was doing to HIS baby.. and I told him to umm… get lost… in not so many words..because it was MY baby!We were in the middle of a staring match,when the nurse on duty walked in and started laughing telling us,she’d seen that a lot of times.Anyway,love OUR babies to the moon and back..:)


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