[Blog-A-Prompt]- Thirst



I thought this would be an easy one..You know why?Well,My name means Thirst.. 🙂 Yes Trishna means thirst. And all my life,whenever I told anyone my name and if they knew the meaning of it,they would ask me,’what are you thirsty for?!!’ If they didn’t know the meaning,they’d ask me the meaning and then,ask me-‘what are you thirsty for?!!’ As I was growing up,I had the answer down,pat- Knowledge!  But now,as I am getting older..and wiser,I like to think..I think I really have an unquenchable thirst for crafts,skills..I can’t be content with just knowing one thing..I have to keep trying something new every few days. Even after perfecting it,I am not satisfied,I have to try variations and then some..and then move on to attempt something unknown.

When I was studying,the simpler things never excited me..I had to try and conquer the unknown..struggle with the tougher problems and could only relax,when I had solved them.. but only for a little while..before moving on to the next. 

They say people take after their names..in my case,I think its true 🙂


4 thoughts on “[Blog-A-Prompt]- Thirst

  1. I have heard that too, that people take after their names 🙂 Old wives tale? Dunno, seems like true mostly. And wish you all the best while you learn more and more about art and craft!


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