Day 2-A Moment..


If I went crazy taking pictures,when I had just one baby..having a second,has turned me into a freak 🙂 in a good way,of course..I can’t get enough of watching my babies together..And thanks to the iPhone,I have been able to capture,so many precious moments..This is one of my favorites..We were at the mall and I had stopped to take a call,when I turned out,after finishing the call,this is the sight that greeted me..and melted my heart..The little munchkin was 4-5 months old and the older one,4.9yrs.

Now,they fight and bicker and complain about each other,but dare,I raise my voice at one,and the other goes up in haunches,shielding her sister..Aah the life of siblings..:)


9 thoughts on “Day 2-A Moment..

  1. Such adorableness. so much of love and care all around. This is how siblings are… they fight… they crib… they even bitch. But dare you say anything to one of them… the others will stand ready to support the other. 🙂


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